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PowerProtect 26 kW
Home Standby

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The Most Powerful Air-Cooled Home Standby Generator! With enough power for a whole house, even heavy loads like your air conditioner, power everything with a PowerProtect™ 26kW Home Standby Generator. Don't sacrifice anything when the power goes out, live life uninterrupted, and make power outages a thing of your past. PowerProtect offers protection from outages, increases the value of your home and can even reduce home insurance premiums.

For more information, download our 26 kW Spec Sheet.


Flexible Installation

Approved for installation as close as 18” to a building with easy toolless panel removal for serviceability and maintenance.

Corrosion Protection

Reinforced, corrosion-resistant aluminum enclosures and bases with Dura-Zen™ coating for a long-lasting, attractive appearance.

Superior Motor Starting

Best motor starting in the industry to ensure smooth operation of your large appliances during startup. More power than the competition.

Suitable for Off-Grid Use

Certified for non-emergency use, partner with your utility company’s demand response program and receive rewards for helping reduce the overall load on the power grid.

Vanguard Commercial-Grade Engine

Designed for reliable, continuous performance - from the engine experts at Briggs & Stratton.

"Dealer Exclusive" Warranty

Dealer Exclusive warranty options make Wilmington Generators stand above the rest. Our 10 year warranty provides more coverage when you need it the most. Click here for warranty details.

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